Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cyndi Lauper

We saw Cyndi Lauper last night at the Brady Theater. I felt bad for her. She said they had just put together a new show with a new crew, and they were having a lot of problems getting the sounds levels adjusted. More than once, she yelled at the people off-stage (and a couple of times at her band on-stage) to do this or that. Apparently, she's a perfectionist, which is not a bad thing--she wants to please her fans.

Despite the technical difficulty, she put on a helluva show. She came out into the audience several times, and I was literally only a couple feet from her. The security guard did not like her doing that, and he told her to get back on stage. She said something like "I know you're not talking to me. You gotta deathwish or something?"

It was a fun show, and I recommend anyone who likes Cyndi to go see her when she comes to your town.


Terry said...

That is too funny.

Didja get any pix?

Michael said...

Sorry, no pix. I didn't take a camera because I knew they weren't allowed.