Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lost Aggravates Yet Again

Spoiler alert!

When the screen went black at the end of Lost last night, I was upset and pissed off more than I have been with any previous episode. Sayed (spelling?) had just pronounced his love for Shannon and he'd never leave her. Then she ran off in the woods and got shot, and then apparently died in his arms. Shannon, the spoiled little rich girl, had really been showing signs of growing up, and then they whacked her.

Or maybe they didn't. We didn't actually see Shannon die. It was implied. The teaser for Lost had said one of the characters would be lost forever. After thinking about it, there are three possibilities:

Shannon could be lost forever because she died. But maybe she didn't.

Sawyer could be lost forever because he slipped into unconsciousness and did not recover. Seems unlikely.

Or the one survivor they lost in the woods about half-way through the show could be the character lost forever. That character was essentially a "red shirt" character like they used to have on Star Trek. I'm thinking this one seems the most believable.

Finally, the other bad thing about Lost is that next week is going to be about the people in the tail section of the plane, so we probably won't learn of Shannon's fate for at least another episode.

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Clever WoT said...

I had forgotten about the rear-plane survivor they lost in the woods. It was my suspicion early on that it would be one of them who died because, of course, they're easily expendable.

However, I'm leaning towards Shannon because (a) I don't like her, and (b) Maggie Grace, the actress who plays Shannon, recently starred in "The Fog" and seems to be the only main character doing stuff outside the show.

I suppose we'll have to wait yet another week to find out. Still, it was a busy episode!