Friday, February 24, 2006

Why I Hate Chase Manhattan Bank

Recently, my credit card number was stolen. It's a Chase credit card. And so far, my experience with them in resolving the charges placed on it has not been positive.

Now, I've been with Chase since I was in college, over 10 years ago, and as long as you don't need to talk to anyone on the phone, it's a pretty good card. But as soon as you need to talk to a representative, get ready for frustration! Their automated system is terrible. It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to talk to someone, after going down two dead-end paths that forced me to hang up and call back. The third time, I was put on hold and the automated voice actually said, " continue holding, please press 2..." Now that makes me wonder if I were to lay the phone down for a second, would they drop my call?

Next, I received a threatening letter in the mail from Chase the other day stating they were not going to remove the disputed charge at this time (it's less than $55--chump change to them), and that I should get reimbursed from the company the charge went to. It went on to say that if the charge was not resolved that way, to inform them in writing by March 1st or they would consider the matter closed. That's less than a week away, and I've yet to be able to get Virgin Mobile to call me back. Virgin Mobile should be my next rant!

Finally, the last thing that is aggravating is that when I reported the fraudelent charge, Chase said they would issue a new card. I haven't received it. When I finally did speak to someone today, they told me they would not issue a new card until the dispute is resolved. In the meantime, the current card has been suspended, so I guess it's a good thing I don't need a credit card right now!


Terry said...


CreditThinker said...

Such situations are awful. I just don't understand why they are doing such things. Don't they realize that it won't be profitable for them? The only thing they will achieve is bad reputation.

Alltruth said...

When I worked for them minorities were not given the same level of respect as whites. Promotions for minorities were hard to come by even though you did the same work as someone in a higher position. When I reported some high-ranking officers who were sexually harassing me I was fired for complaining about the sexual harassment.

Shari said...

I hate Chase so much. They start you at a lower rate then one day you get a "disclosure statement" in small print. Most people ignore, for some reason I read it this time. They were raising my rate to 23.9% for no apparent reason. If you didn't write to them within ten days requesting they freeze the account and close your card, they would raise the rates. You'd think banks would need customers in this day and age. My other Chase card just went way up for no apparant reason to 29.9 and that is a card that I have for 20 years!!!

Anonymous said...

I detest Chase. We carefully chose a credit card several years ago for the benefits (low rate, generic air miles), we put lots on but pay off our balance monthly. Our issuer was sold, first to BankOne, then Chase. Once we were swallowed by Chase they systematically raised the annual fee and stripped out the benefits. We stopped using the card, but still had over 100,000 points. To use them we now have to 'buy' (spend 6 to buy 5) points in really cr*ppy airline programs. Oh, and after they stopped sending us statements, we missed a payment, got that ironed out but when we got the next statement the APR was shown as 29.9%!!! Lovely people, needless to say we are over Chase lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

I hate Chase too. Went to a credit union. Love it!