Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bell's Amusement Park Moving?

The owner of in , OK, is stating publicly that he is considering a move to . Jenks is welcoming Bell's with open arms. Bell's is home to the only coaster (the ) in the United States that has a city ordinance prohibiting it from running after 9 pm. Why? Because some idiotic neighbors of Bell's complained the noise is too loud, many of which moved into the neighborhood after the coaster was built. What did they expect? They're next to the Fair Grounds! It's a noisy place. This has also prevented Bell's from building any new coasters, something the park desperately needs. This fight with the neighbors is almost as old as the Hatfield and McCoy disagreement.

Though Tulsa will lose out on some revenue, I think it's a smart move. They're considering an area near the . Bell's can only get better if they have some room to grow, without any petty neighbors causing problems for them.

I hope they take the Zingo with them.

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Steven H. Roemerman said...

Tulsa will not really lose that much...That property is not technically in the city of Tulsa anyway. The fair grounds are only subject to county tax...