Thursday, August 18, 2005

Henrico County Riot

Did you guys read about this? This is crazy! Apparently, the Henrico County school system decided to sell a 1000 used iBook laptops for $50 at the Richmond International Speedway in Richmond, Virginia the other day. Hundreds of people showed up and a riot broke out faster than you can say "Start your engines!" One woman wanted a laptop so bad that she wet herself in line rather than step out of line and risk not getting one. Another guy, who has seen way too much Emeril Lagasse, hit a guy with a chair while saying "Bam!" at the same time. An enderly man was pushed to the pavement. Someone is selling the above shirt on eBay.

Used iBook laptop: $50
Emergency room co-pay amount: $150
Making a quick buck off someone else's tragedy: priceless

1 comment:

Terry said...

um, might want to check your emergency room co-pay... $150

did see that... that was crazy. one guy took a chair planning on using it to keep people back!

what every happened to waiting your turn in line.