Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mosquito Device

I keep reading story after story of how a new device called a Mosquito emits a high pitched frequency that people over the age of twenty cannot hear. For people under the age of twenty, the sound is very annoying, and the device is being sold to movie theaters and such to cause teens to stop loitering outside. While I had not actually seen the device in use anywhere in Tulsa, a co-worker downloaded the sound off the internet, and played it for us. I can hear it. I'm 33. I think it very irresponsible for the creator of this device to make such blanket statements about who can and cannot hear the sound. I'm sure its a marketing tactic to sell more Mosquitos. What's bad is the media is repeating the statement without verifying its authenticity. If and when I do notice the device in use, I will be giving the owner an ear full so to speak.

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