Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yet Another Reason I'm Against Genetic Engineering

Yahoo has a scary story about genetically engineered grass used for golf courses being found growing in the wild. You can read the article here.

The grass was engineered to resist Round-Up, a popular herbicide. The article implies the grass could cross-polinate with other strains of grass (and possibly other plants), producing new varieties of Round-Up-resistant plants.

It pisses me off that the scientists in the article use levity to lessen the seriousness of genetic engineering. It is only a matter of time before something bad is released into the wild that cannot be contained. Indeed, it may already be out there. Take StarLink corn, which has pesticide engineered into it. It kills bugs, some beneficial. The last time I checked, it's not approved for human consumption. But it cross-pollinates with other corn, apparently, so who know if we are eating it or not? Somebody ate some of it. Anyone remember the Taco Bell taco shell incident? And if anyone died from it, how would we know? It's not the like the government checks dead people for such things.

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