Friday, July 08, 2005

16 Year Olds Like Strippers Too

Here is yet another example of our dumbass court system: click here

How can the court, with an honest face, say a naked woman is contributing to the delinquency of minor when said minor is 16 years old? Name one 16 year old who hasn't seen a naked woman already? Hello? We have this thing called the Internet now. Gimmee a break.

What is this country's hang up with nudity, anyway? Violence is much more a threat to our sanity/safety than naked strippers, and yet our movies are full of carnage. You can show a 100 people being brutally gunned down in a movie and get an PG-13 rating. Add in some nudity, even in a non-sexual situation, and you either get an R or NC-17 rating. I just don't get it.

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