Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New Coaster at Worlds of Fun in '06

Sounds like in Kansas City is building a new inverted coaster called the Patriot for the '06 season. I know where I'm headed next summer!

P.S.: I recently rode Powder Keg at , and it was another brilliant addition to the park. While the restraint system is a little odd/uncomfortable, the ride itself is very thrilling, if a little short. The ride is being billed as a family launched coaster. Having heard that, I didn't expect the launch to be all that impressive, certainly no where near the intensity of Mr. Freeze at Six Flags Over Texas or Six Flags Over St. Louis. Boy was I wrong. The launch doesn't last as long as Mr. Freeze but it's every bit as intense...maybe more. Sadly, I only got to ride it once.

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