Monday, July 18, 2005

Oklahoma vs the Poultry Farmers

Being a supporter of the , I just couldn't let this one go. Oklahoma Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against several poultry companies, claiming they are polluting the with phosphorous runoff from chicken litter. Not only is the runoff toxic to the environment, it also has a negative economic impact on businesses. Can we say float trip?

Now the funny thing is, the poultry farmers are claiming they will be run out of business if the lawsuit proceeds. This is probably the argument from polluters that pisses me off more than anything. It's like saying, "Sorry if we are making you sick, but we have money to make!" Would the argument be the same if we were talking about nuclear waste runoff?

I just wonder where the money will go if Oklahoma manages to win the lawsuit. Will it go toward cleanup efforts or what?

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Terry said...

probably not, no telling where it will go, but not clean up.