Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sorry, Dan Hicks

NewsChannel 8 is reporting the Tulsa Parks Board has reversed its decision to include a Creationism display at the Tulsa Zoo.

You may remember that Dan Hicks went to the zoo recently, and he was so insecure about his own religion beliefs that he found a Ganesha statue threatening to him. Now I've been to the zoo several times. I've never thought the Ganesha statue was particularly's just a hunk of marble. I guess it might be threatening if it fell over on top of you!

What the NewsChannel 8 report didn't tell you (ahem) is why the Parks Board changed its mind. After giving some thought to Dan Hicks request for equal representation of his religion, the board felt adding a Creationism display did not meet the criteria of equal representation. Instead, they did an intensive study of the Ganesha statue. Here is what they found:

  1. The statue is near the elephant exhibit.

  2. The god looks an awful lot like an elephant.

So the only way to be fair would be to build a statue of Jesus next to the primate exhibit. Oh, I'm so gonna pay for that comment!

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